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You are welcome to just call in during business hours and buy packaging to take away.

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Detailed below are a selection of our most popular packing cartons including suggested use and price inclusive of VAT. Further down we have details of our Good to Go packing kits

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Our Small Packing carton, sometimes referred to as a 'book box' which is unfair as these useful cartons are ideal for so many purposes especially smaller heavier items. Ideal for Books, Cd's, DVDs, Paperwork as well as fragile items. A very versatile professional use carton

Size = 47cm x 35cm x 35 cm approx.

£ 2.50 each

Our Large Packing carton is more of an industry standard. This is the same carton as the majority of the major professional movers and shippers use and is top quality unlike the cheap unusable boxes supplied by various self storage or office equipment companies. Ideal for just about everything although be careful not to overload them with books etc.

Size = 47cm x 47cm x 52 cm approx.

£ 3.50 each

Our Tall Carton is predominantly for items that will not fit into the small or large cartons and is generally used for clothes, toys, sports equipment, lamps, bedding etc. You would not normally pack China and fragiles into these cartons. Also it would be inadvisable to use these for books as their size would make the cartons too heavy for lifting. Made from the same high quality board as all of the other cartons in our range.

Size = 47cm x 47cm x 91cm

£ 4.00 each

Our Long Carton is just as it sounds. It is long and low and is designed for clothes and curtains in the main. It is an alternative to the wardrobe cartons and is much more space saving than wardrobe cartons. These cartons are particularly useful if you are shipping clothes abroad as they take up much less space and yet ship clothes laid flat.

Size = 47cm x 27cm x 91cm

£ 4.00 each

Wardrobe Carton

Used for Hanging Garments

£10.00 each

Packing Paper per 5 kilo packs

Used for wrapping plates and china etc

£ 6.50 each

Packing Tape per roll

Brown packing tape to seal cartons

£ 2.50 each

Bubble Wrap per 5m

5m of bubble wrap for fragile items

£ 5.00 each
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Small Move Kit :
Ideal for smaller moves such as small apartments, students etc
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10 x Small Cartons
5 meters of Bubble Wrap
2.5 kilos of Packing Paper
1 x Roll of Tape

Price Only £33.00 Including VAT
Small to Medium Kit :
This kit would normally suit a 1 - 2 bedroomed apartment / house

15 x Small Cartons
10 x Large Cartons
10 meters of Bubble Wrap
2.5 kilos of Packing Paper
2 x Rolls of Tape

Price Only £57.00 Including VAT
Medium Kit :
Ideal for a 2 - 3 bedroomed property

25 x Small Cartons
20 x Large Cartons
2 x Wardrobe Cartons
25 meters of Bubble Wrap
5 kilos of packing paper
5 x Rolls of Tape

Price Only £138.00 including VAT
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We deliver a 35sq/ft storage room to Your home or work place for you to load.
You load the storage room which is inside the trailer.
We then collect the loaded storage room and take back to our depot.
We take the loaded storage room out of the trailer and store inside our warehouse.

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